Services include but are not limited to:

  • Cattle Pregnancy Diagnosis - ultrasound and manual palpation

  • Bull Breeding Soundness Examination and Certification

  • Bovine Artificial Insemination

  • Field surgeries

  • Pestivirus Surveillance

  • Ovine Brucellosis Accreditation

  • Ovine and Bovine Johnes Accreditation

  • Herd/flock health and reproductive management consultancy

  • Vaccination and intestinal parasite protocols

  • 24hr Emergency care

  • Animal husbandry equipment

The cattle pregnancy testing service prides itself on accuracy and efficiency. The latest up to date BCF ultrasound technology is used. Southwest Livestock Veterinary Service realises the limitations in accuracy using ultrasound at certain stages of pregnancy, therefore skilled manual palpation ensures the correct diagnosis is made. Mistakes in cattle pregnancy testing can prove very costly for producers!

For more information call Peter on 0438 404 249

For all small animal enquiries we recommend Moorong Veterinary Clinic in Wagga Wagga 02 6921 3462.